Thai Chair Massage

Thai Massage is a massage technque developed 2500 years ago by Buddhist monks. It is steeped in spiritualtradition. It is also called Thai Yoga Massage. Thai Massage is traditionally performed on the floor.

In recent years, practictioners of Thai Massage have adapted the techniques so that it may be performed on araised table (Table Thai Massage) and further modified so that it may be performed while the subject is seated in amassage chair (Thai Chair Massage).

Mario Ashcraft of Satori Touch is a certified Thai Massage Therapist.

He has successfully adapted the Thai Massage Techniques so they may be performed on a raised table and in achair. This allows him to bring Thai Massage to you, so you can receive the relaxing benefits of this ancientpractice in the privacy and comfort of your home.

To schedule a massage session with Mario, please give him a call at 248.930.4624

Video Credit: Aachan James

Further demonstration of a complete Thai Chair Massage Session

Video Credit: Thai Yoga Massage